Inaugural Meeting of National Engineering Structure Monitoring Standardization Work Group of SAC/TC 426/SC 1 and 2022 Engineering Structure Monitoring Standardization Technology Application and Demonstration Seminar (NESMS 2022)
Prof. Qingrui Yue


Qingrui Yue

Academicain of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Qingrui Yue, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, expert of engineering structure, president of Urbanization and Urban Safety Institute of University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chief Scientist of Shenzhen Urban Public Safety and Technology Institute, president of China Steel Structure Association, vice president of China Composites Industry Association, honorary group leader of engineering structure monitoring standardization work group, director of expert committee on seismic protection of construction of MOHURD, member of expert committee of Emergency Management Department, director of the editorial committee of Industrial Construction and vice chairman and editor-in-chief of the editorial committee of Steel Construction, etc. He has long served as an expert in the fields of social development, new materials and technology platforms of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China.

Yue has long engaged in theoretical research, technology development, standard compilation, engineering application and industrialization of engineering structural diagnosis, high-performance structural materials and urban public safety. He has achieved a series of innovative results in the Reliability testing and evaluation of industrial building structures, structural reinforcement and rehabilitation, application of fiber composite and other high-performance structural materials in civil engineering, urbanization and urban Safety and Security, etc.

Yue presided over the completion of more than 10 national R&D projects of various kinds, the compilation of more than 20 national and industry standards, won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for three.

       岳清瑞,中国工程院院士,工程结构专家,北京科技大学城镇化与城市安全研究院院长,深圳市城市公共安全技术研究院首席科学家,兼任中国钢结构协会会长、中国复合材料工业协会副会长、工程结构监测国家标准工作组名誉组长、住建部建筑工程抗震设防专家委员会主任、应急管理部专家委员会委员及《工业建筑》编委会主任及《钢结构(中英文)》Steel Construction 编委会副主任委员、主编等,长期担任国家科技部社会发展、新材料、科技平台等领域专家。