Inaugural Meeting of National Engineering Structure Monitoring Standardization Work Group of SAC/TC 426/SC 1 and 2022 Engineering Structure Monitoring Standardization Technology Application and Demonstration Seminar (NESMS 2022)
Prof. Yang Yang


Yang Yang

Professor of School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University

Yang Yang is the leader of the national standardization working group of engineering structure monitoring, and vice Chairman of IEEE PES Smart Building, Building Electrical and Intelligent Subcommittee of Load and Customer System Technical Committee (China), Chairman of China New City Construction Industry and Education Alliance.

Yang is a postdoctoral researcher of Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University (cooperating with Professor Nie Jianguo), and doctor of College of civil engineering, Tongji University (mentors: Professor Jin Guofang, Professor Zhou Xiyuan, and Professor Khalid Mosalam). He is also the designer and editor in chief of Technical code for monitoring of building and bridge structures (GB50982-2014). Yang presided over the compilation of Construction and Bridge Monitoring Implementation and Acceptance Standard in Sichuan Province DBJ51/T144-2020, Qinghai Province Building Structure Monitoring Technical Code DB63/T1756-2019, Technical Standards for Intelligent Monitoring of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure of Chongqing Province (in compilation), Chongqing Municipal Pipeline Network Monitoring Technical Specifications (in compilation), and National Energy Administration Industry Standard of Technical Specification for Implementation of Safety Monitoring of Onshore Wind Farm Projects" (in compilation). He also wrote an English book Technical Code for Monitoring of Building Structures (Springer: It has been selected by Springer Nature as the book with the highest usage rate to formulate the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as it helps to solve one of the biggest challenge facing the globe, namely the 11th goal of SDGs which is building inclusive, safe, risk-resistant and sustainable cities and communities. Yang is one of the participants who designed Chongqing local standards, namely Evaluation Standard for Safety Impact of Engineering Construction on Existing Buildings (Structures) DBJ50/T-342-2019. He is also members of IEC/SEG9 domestic expert group and takes the lead in the international group of the IEC/SEG9 domestic expert group.

Yang is a member of the editorial board of the international journal Frontiers in Built Environment (ESCI source) and a guest editor-in-chief of the special issue of Symmetry (SCI source). He has presided three projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project from the National Key R&D Program of China, two technology projects from Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, one technology project from Chongqing Transportation Bureau, one project from Chongqing Fuling District Science and Technology Committee, three Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. He has received one first prize (ranked 1st) and two second prizes (ranked 1st) from the first-level industry societies/associations that have the ability to declare national science and technology awards. He has published more than 40 articles in SCI and EI journals such as Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Engineering Structures, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Structural control and health monitoring, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Remote Sensing, China Journal of Highway and Transport, Journal of Building Structures, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, Engineering Mechanics, etc. He has obtained 9 software copyrights and has applied for 19 national invention patents, which 7 of them have been granted. Yang had also edited one textbook, and one monograph from Science Press.

       阳洋,工程结构监测国家标准工作组组长 ,IEEE PES 智慧楼宇、负载和客户系统技术委员会(中国区域)建筑电气与智能化分委会副主席 ,中国新城建产教联盟理事长。

       清华大学土木工程系博士后(合作导师:聂建国院士),同济大学土木工程学院博士(导师:金国芳教授、周锡元院士、Khalid Mosalam教授)。建筑与桥梁结构监测领域国家标准《建筑与桥梁结构监测技术规范GB50982-2014》执笔人,《建筑与桥梁结构监测技术规范应用与分析GB50982-2014》主编。主持编写四川省地方标准《四川省建筑与桥梁监测实施与验收标准DBJ51/T144-2020》、青海省地方标准《青海省建筑结构监测技术规范DB63/T1756—2019》、重庆市地方标准《房屋建筑与市政基础设施智能监测技术标准》(在编)、重庆市地方标准《重庆市市政管网监测技术规范》(在编)、国家能源局行业标准《陆上风电场工程安全监测实施技术规范》(在编)、CECS协会标准《城市桥梁支座快速评定标准》(在编),重庆市地方标准《中小跨径桥梁技术状况快速评定标准》;主编英文专著《Technical Code for Monitoring of Building Structures》(Springer:,该专著已被Springer Nature集团评选为解决联合国可持续发展目标(SDGs)的使用率最高书籍之一,有助于解决全球最大挑战之一:联合国可持续发展目标(SDGs)第11项:建设包容、安全、有风险抵御能力和可持续的城市及人类住区。参编重庆市地方标准《工程建设对既有建(构)筑物安全影响评估标准DBJ50/T-342-2019》、青海省地方标准《青海省农牧区装配式轻钢结构住宅技术标准DB63/T1904-2021》。IEC/SEG9国内专家组成员,承担IEC/SEG9国内专家组的国际组牵头工作。国际期刊Frontiers in Built Environment(ESCI刊源)编委, Symmetry(SCI刊源)专刊客座主编。主持国家自然科学基金项目三项,国家重点研发计划(课题)一项,重庆市科技局科技项目两项,重庆市交通局科技项目一项,涪陵区科委项目一项,中央高校基本科研业务基金三项,获得具备申报国家级科技奖励的一级行业学会/协会一等奖1项(排名第1)、二等奖两项(排名第1), Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing,Engineering Structures, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems,Structural control and health monitoring,Journal of sound and vibration,Remote Sensing以及中国公路学报、建筑结构学报、仪器仪表学报、工程力学等SCI、EI收录期刊上发表40余篇,获软件著作权9项。申请发明专利19项,已授权7项。主编教材一本;主编科学出版社专著一本。